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Aug 13

End the Water Crisis - a success thanks to our supporters!

Last week on August 4th 2012, Models 4 Water joined forces with Thirst No More, The Water Project, and Cheetah Outreach to help raise money for Thirst No More in “Ending the Water Crisis”. We had a wonderful time and it’s all thanks to our friends and supporters!

We would like to thank NY Sag Harbor Estate for graciously hosting the event! Our love also goes out to Prince and Jacob of LOVECAT Magazine for always supporting us every step of the way and a special thanks to designer-Rachel Roy for providing the beautiful dresses to our co-founders, Heide and Georgie.

Last but no least, our wonderful model ambassadors who continue to take time out of their schedule to come support Models 4 Water’s mission! Our love goes out to Jarah MarianoMichelle Vawer, Sonia DaraMeki SaldanaGrace BolDinara Chetyrova, Caroline CoddAustria UlloaJessi M’bengue (who also used her musical talents to perform for the guests!)  and  Stephanie Cordoba for attending the event.

Below are some photos from the event courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency:

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Aug 12

A Philanthropic Summer Night in Sag Harbor Celebrating Life

The Stewardship Report writes a wonderful article about the “End the Water Crisis” benefit held on August 4th with Thirst No More, The Water Project, and Cheetah Outreach - have a read below:

Sag Harbor, N.Y.   Philanthropists and familiar faces from the world’s creative industries in fashion, music, business, and international society gathered at the NY Sag Harbor Estate last Saturday evening for the End Water Crisis and Cheetah Outreach event. Models 4 Water, Thirst No More and The Water Project along with April Davis from Cheetah Outreach held this event for excellent causes. It was a 1920’s themed evening catered with live entertainment, a silent auction and an unforgettable moment with a live cheetah.

Celebrating life together and all towards raising awareness and funds for cheetah’s and water for all made it a magical evening.

April Davis- Chair of Cheetah Outreach in US teaching guests about statistics on cheetahs

It is known that cheetah’s can run 100min just 5.95 seconds and although it is one of the fastest animals on the planet, there are only 7,500 cheetahs left in Africa.  South Africa is home to fewer than 1,000 of these majestic cats. The cheetah faces competition from other predators such as the large lion and hyena populations.

Live Cheetah displayed for guests..Amazing!

Founders of Models 4 Water Heide Lindgren and Georgie Badiel hosted the evening and profoundly expressed to all why they are  on this mission together.. Georgie , a native of Burkina Faso grew up not having access to clean water and at times no water at all. She held this pain with her and one day over discussing  the problem in Africa with Heide.. Together Models 4 Water was created.

They are two extraordinary young women taking on such a task to help people have the most important right…water and life. They spoke about the lack of water situation to the invited guests and why their mission each day is becoming more meaningful. The problem is real and now partnering with  organizations such as Thirst No More and The Water Project will help  raise public awareness on a higher scale.  Burkina Faso and countries around the world in need of water will receive  aid by these organizations  joining forces.

left to right :Heide Lindgren,Craig Miller of Thirst No More, Max Crespo Director of M4W,Georgie Badiel

Craig Miller Founder of Thirst No More who  is thrilled about the partnership with Models For Water said  “Thirst No More will soon be drilling water wells in Africa, thanks to Models 4 Water Supermodel Heide Lindgren and Georgie Badiel, “Africa’s Water Ambassador”. Their generous support and impassioned advocacy is bringing an end to the water crisis, one village at a time. On behalf of thirsty villages across the African continent, thank you!”

Models For Water present check for End The Water Crisis Event

Heide and Georgie along with their model ambassadors want to provide clean water to every person in Burkina Faso for water access near their homes, hospitals, schools and beyond. Just this past June 26, 2012 Models 4 Water had built its first deep water well and what a glorious day for the people of  Bagnire.

Happy people of Bagnire after recieving a water well

What it all comes down to is taking ACTION and Models 4 Water is doing just that. Paying it forward to humanity is one of the most important things one can do for another  .

It was an eventful night filled with summer fun but primarily great people giving their best to give back to life.

Lavender Halsey, Designer Sara Horne

Jarah Mariano, Russell Simmons, Sonia Dara

You can find the original article here.

Aug 06

Models 4 Water, Thirst no More, Cheetah Outreach benefit in the Hamptons

Our friends at LoveCat Mag covers the “END THE WATER CRISIS” Benefit held over this past weekend in the Hamptons. 

"This weekend we were proud to be a part of an amazing charity event hosted by our friends at Models 4 Water to benefitThirst no More, an international aid organization serving regions ravaged by war, tyranny or natural disasters, The Water Project, a non-profit organization bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation, and Cheetah Outreach, an organization promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives. The lavish soiree was held at a private home in Sag Harbor, and hosted by the ambassadors of Models 4 Water, Heide Lindgren & Georgie Badielwith a special performance by fellow supporter Jessi M’Bengue. In attendance were Sonia Dara, Michelle Vawer, Jarah Mariano, Dinara Chetyrova, Grace Bol, Stephanie Cordoba, Austria Ulloa, Caroline Codd among others.”











More on LoveCat Mag here.

Modelina covers “END THE WATER CRISIS” Benefit in the Hamptons

Modelina caught up with co-founder Heide Lindgren at the “END THE WATER CRISIS” Benefit held in the Hamptons to discuss about Models 4 Water’s efforts.


Heidi Lindgren joined by fellow model supporters- Bill Chin Photography

When modeling pals Heide Lindgren and Georgie Badiel first sat down to discuss the ongoing water crisis in Georgie’s native Burkina Faso, the women immediately put their heads together to brainstorm ways they could use the modeling industry’s platform as a way to give back to the struggling population.

“A light bulb went off in our heads, and we realized we had to start with the basics,” said Heide.  “Thus, Models 4 Water was born.”

Today, the philanthropic models have continued their efforts to bring sustainable, clean water to the people of Burkina Faso and elsewhere with a Models 4 Water hosted fundraising event benefiting their latest partnership with Thirst No More and The Water Project.  For the cocktail party and silent auction held in New York’s Sag Harbor, Heide and Georgie were also joined by some fellow international top models:  Julie Henderson, Jarah Mariano, Michelle Vawer, Sonia Dara, Lisa Seiffert, Meki Saldana, Austria Alcantara, Jessi M’Bengue, Allie Rizzo, Caroline Codd, Grace Bol, Dalad Kambhu, Dinara Chetyrova and Kristen D’Angelo. The quarterly fashion model “fanzine,” LOVECAT Magazine, and Kathy Rego designed luxury collection, Cabe, sponsored the A-list event, with 100% of all the money raised going directly to bringing sustainable, clean drinking water to those in need.


Heide Lindgren- Bill Chin Photography

We caught up with Heide at the cocktail party to talk a little bit more about her organization. Here is what the model had to say:

What have been your goals for the project this year?

To raise awareness about the water problems in Burkina Faso and all over the world. We also aim to highlight the many models that give back to the water cause. Whether a girl gives up her birthday for the charity, runs a race to raise money for the cause, or travels to a country where the water problems are bad, we want to document that.

We see you rounded up your model friends to host the event. How did you think it turned out- did you achieve your goals for this event?

It was so wonderful to see how many girls were willing to come out and support us. The girls really care and their presence certainly allowed us to accomplish everything we did. Models 4 Water couldn’t exist without them!

How can everyone help your project?

Everyone can make an effort to educate themselves about the water problems going on in the world. And of course, donating to the cause is what puts things into effect at the end of the day.

Visit the Models 4 Water website to learn more about the cause, as well as The Water Project andThirst No More for more information.

More on Modelina here.

Jun 26

Models 4 Water Funds Bagnire, Ioba, Burkina Faso’s First Well!

On June 26, 2012 -  the village of Bagnire had its first deep water well. Before it’s development, the villagers had to rely on one hand dug well for water needs. They had also been drinking dirty water from rainfall runoff in the creek and from holes in the ground.

Thanks to your contributions, the villagers won’t have to endure the water troubles anymore. In addition to the development of the new well, hygiene classes were taught on hand washing, how to properly transport and store water, disease transmission and prevention, how to maintain proper care of the pump, as well as signs and symptoms of dehydration and how to make Oral Rehydration Solution. All of these lessons are taught in a participatory method to help community members discover ways to improve their hygiene and sanitation choices, and implement community driven solutions.

A message from a sixty-five year old Farmer/Village Chief, Kamboule Teobar, who stated, “While we sat in Bagnire, we saw the church spread from Sarba to our village. And, we thought that one day the church would come and help deliver us from our problems. The children and young people started to pray and attend the services, and now we have a new well. You came and discovered that we had a problem with a lack of water in our village. It is very difficult to find sufficient water to meet all of our needs. The women of each family have to arrive at the only hand dug well very early in the morning to get only a little water to drink and do all their work. Others have to travel to the creek to get dirty water, and others travel far to neighboring villages to find water. We don’t have a problem with enough food, but every year we had the problem of not enough water. We want to thank you but we have nothing to offer you but our thanks. Thank you very much!”

Thank you for your support and contributions for making this possible!


The Models 4 Water Team.

Our friends at Bagnire showing excitement for your support of Models 4 Water!

Thanks again to our wonderful partner - The Water Project!

The children of Bagnire, finally have easy access to clean, safe water.

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